How we helped xDesign with their graduate onboarding

The mission

We worked with xDesign, a UK based digital product development company with multiple Great Place to Work awards.  xDesign runs graduate and internship programmes to give emerging talent the opportunity to gain meaningful work experience, grow their skills and accelerate their career path. They partnered with Strengthscope to set their graduates up for success by giving them the opportunity to discover their strengths in week 1 of their journey. The goal of the project was to help the new joiners understand each other as a cohort and build their individual self-confidence.

The approach

Following the success of Strengthscope’s introduction with xDesign’s previous graduates, this year’s graduate cohort was given the opportunity to complete their Strengthscope reports.

They then came together as a group, supported by Scott Christie, our Head of Training and Integration, to explore their personal strengths and that of each other in a safe and appreciative environment.

We highlighted the opportunity created by the diversity in the room and enabled the cohort to apply their strengths optimally at xDesign.

The results

Partnering with Strengthscope allowed xDesign’s graduates to:

  • Come together and have great discussions about their strengths.
  • Start their journey with xDesign with the foundation of strong relationships with their graduate cohort.

100% of the graduate cohort scored their group session 5 out of 5.

“I’ve done a couple of these before but this is the best by far!”

“Loved not using the word “weakness”, and reframing our thinking about ‘strengths’ as being the things that energise us, rather than “what I am good at”.

“Taking a positive first approach and taking time to agree on what we need to make the session psychologically safe was a great way to begin too and really opened up the conversation from the very beginning.”