7 Significant strengths applied to employee engagement

This is a guest blog post from David Zinger, employee engagement expert.

Strengths application at work benefits both the organisation and the individual.

Strengths and performance

There is a very strong connection between the application of personal strengths and employee engagement. Gallup has demonstrated the relationship in many studies including a dramatic finding on engagement, strengths, and performance: If a manager did not talk with an employee about their performance there was a 40% chance that the employee was disengaged. If a manager only talked about deficiencies and weaknesses there was a 22% chance the employee was disengaged and if a manager held strength-based conversation there was only a 1% chance of disengagement (Tom Rath). The lack of strength-based conversations are detrimental to performance, engagement, and ultimately organisational results.

Strengths and wellbeing

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Martin Seligman, the former president of APA, found that when a person knew their strengths, used their strengths daily, and used their strengths in the service of others they had a higher level of both happiness and wellbeing.


There are many pathways to determine strengths. Strengthscope, out of the UK, offers an insightful assessment based on 24 possible strengths ranging from collaboration to strategic mindedness. I completed the Strengthscope strength inventory in preparation for a workshop in London UK in November 2012 on strengths, engagement, innovation, and excellence.

Here are my 7 significant strengths

  1. Creativity
  2. Developing Others
  3. Empathy
  4. Enthusiasm
  5. Flexibility
  6. Leading
  7. Self-Improvement

Significant 7 + 10 Block Pyramid of Engagement = Turbocharged Employee Engagement.

The assessment validated my own thinking. I believe strength inventories should be less about revelation and more about confirmation. Yet having my strengths confirmed is only one step. To get maximum professional and organisational benefit we must apply our strengths.  I decided to fuse the significant 7 strengths with my 10 block pyramid of employee engagement.

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