Strengths in the community

In today’s podcast we talk to a truly tremendous human, who is doing a whole range of positive work in the community both in the UK and in DRC in Central Africa, Christian Bless.

We discuss Christian’s story: setting up Solola Bien, a TV show in DRC, the community group Boys 2 Men in London and most recently, Greaterself – a consultancy that aims to help African businesses bring transformation in workplaces through the recognition of strengths and self-awareness.

We talk about Christian’s personal learnings about strengths and what he has learned about strengths at their best, overdrive risks, and the role that strengths have played in his various ventures up to now.

We also look at what more can be done, and by whom, as regards community work. What’s needed and how can people help, what can they do?
This is a genuinely inspiring podversation, giving us a personal trip around Chris’s various community and business ventures. To find out more about Christian’s community projects, please check out the following links: