Case Study

Legal & General

Leading change, increasing engagement and building trust at Legal & General

Legal & General


Following a large-scale period of business change and restructure in response to the economic downturn, Legal & General was faced with a number of challenges, including:

  • Resources – Achieving more with less
  • Trust -Due to large scale redundancy, employees lacked trust in the OrganizatioN
  • Engagement – A lack of trust affected employee engagement
  • Leadership skills – Organizational shifts meant that new lines of management were in place, meaning a strong leadership message was needed to transition the change
  • Employee retention – There was a risk of talented employees leaving

Our solution

Strengthscope® supported and the Learning and Development function in the following ways:

  • Introduced a strengths-based approach to L&G’s senior manager leadership program, to encourage a culture of influence from the top, where people play to their strengths
  • Implemented strengths-based development into their culture and the use of Strengthscope® in selecting and developing high potentials


  • Making the strengths-focus an underpinning principle of the management development core curriculum increased levels of engagement, enthusiasm and performance.
  • The output from executive coaching showed an increase in engagement and motivation.
  • Building an internal network where managers’ standout strengths are visible was used to encourage cross-business collaboration.
  • The Learning and Development team achieved podium positions for the three categories they entered in the 2013 Learning Awards, attributing much of this success to the strengths approach introduced over the past three years.



Legal & General has benefited from the introduction of a strengths focused approach at a time when focusing on what gives people energy is crucial. The approach challenges assumptions that exceptional performers are well rounded, and gives a fresh perspective on managing employee performance.

We are now starting to embed this philosophy into our culture through the developmental journey, and I am confident that we will create a perceptible shift in the mindset of our leaders by continuing to work with the Strengths Partnership in these key areas.

Learning and Development Consultant