Case Study

Saint Luke’s Health System

Using strengths to increase retention at Saint Luke’s Health System

Saint Luke’s Health System


Saint Luke’s Health System is one of the top-rated health care systems in the United States. Located in the Kansas City area, the organisation has over 11,000 employees and serve a metropolitan area of over 2 million people.

Saint Luke’s Health System partnered with our US partners, Helios, to implement Strengthscope® in supporting the following goals:

  • To increase nurse retention in their new graduate nursing programme
  • To increase employee opportunities to grow and develop
  • To help employees understand what energises them at work, so they intentionally choose roles and projects that allow them to be at their best more often

Our solution

Helios' solution - 'Strengths for the journey'

Helios helped Saint Luke’s create internal capability for their 3-year ‘Strengths For The Journey’ initiative by certifying several HR/L&D colleagues in the strengths approach and the Strengthscope® system.

This allowed Saint Luke’s to build its own delivery team with the knowledge and skills to provide one-to-one, team, and coaching models using Strengthscope®.

Nurse Managers, Professional Preceptors and Clinical Educators were taught how to give strengths-based feedback, provide strengths based career development coaching, and help new graduates overcome struggles by leveraging their strengths.


‘Strengths For The Journey’ has exceeded its goal in increasing nurse retention for their new graduate nurse programme. The only variables changed were to add the Strengthscope® assessment for participants, and to provide training on how to utilise a strengths-based approach with new nurses.

Over the course of 18 months, programme outcomes included:

  • Nurse turnover decreased from 10% to 1.7%
  • Overall retention climbed to 94.2%
  • Cost savings of over $1million