Case Study


Unleashing leadership and management excellence at Tesco



Tesco’s strategy to diversify the business and rapid pace of growth has resulted in a number of challenges for the company including:

  • Providing strong, inspirational leaders who have the awareness and development mindset to capitalize on their unique strengths and skills and those of the people they lead
  • Ensuring the availability, development and effective deployment of people who have both the skills and energy/passion to meet planned goals and tackle new challenges with enthusiasm, resourcefulness and competence
  • Ensuring high levels of confidence and resilience to deal with the rapid rate of growth and change which inevitably leads to increased work demands and pressures

Our solution

Strengthscope® partnered with Tesco’s UK and Asian Leadership Academies and division Personnel teams to conduct dozens of management and leadership development programs over a two-year period.

This included training all store directors and managers in the UK to help them identify, develop and stretch their strengths and reduce performance risks to improve the way they lead, increase employee engagement, customer loyalty and financial results.


  • Feedback from all Tesco programs was excellent with up to 5,000 Tesco employees having used Strengthscope® and the strengths-based approach within the organization.
  • Nearly 100% of delegates who attended Strengthscope® Certificate training indicated that they were very likely to talk positively about the training.
  • The approach has been adopted outside the UK by the Asia Leadership Academy and is being used in several Asian countries, including India, South Korea and China.
  • Tesco managers outlined specific benefits arising from the programs including: improved clarity on key strengths and development needs in the business, greater appreciation of different strengths leading to better problem solving, improved leadership confidence and capability, increased levels of positive energy and stronger employee performance.

100% positive feedback from delegates

I can see now how my strengths can make a difference, not just today, but for years to come.

Store Director, TESCO

Strengthscope® is a simple and really useful tool that has been an enabler for people to focus on and excel in what they are good at.

Personnel Manager, TESCO