Embracing candidate-led recruitment

2024's dynamic job market shaped by AI, remote work, and evolving cultural essentials is challenging conventional recruitment methods, which are failing to attract and retain top talent.

Enter candidate-led recruitment; a game-changing approach that puts candidate success and company culture front and centre to tackle these challenges head-on.

Welcome toEmbracing candidate-led recruitment,your guide to why setting your candidates up for success will help you win in the talent game. 

 Discover how to: 

  •  Unveil the power of candidate-led recruitment: Learn how to prioritise candidates’ success to attract top talent in today’s competitive job market. 
  •  Decode the secrets of employer branding: Discover how to enhance your organisation’s reputation and stand out as an employer of choice through authentic candidate experiences. 
  •  Harness the hidden potential: Explore innovative approaches to recruitment beyond traditional skills and experience assessments, focusing on candidates’ unique strengths and motivations. 
  •  Streamline your recruitment journey: Master the art of optimising recruitment processes to save time, engage candidates effectively, and secure the best talent swiftly. 
  •  Secure the future of your organisation: Uncover the strategies to nurture both successful and unsuccessful candidates, building a pipeline of potential talent and fortifying your employer brand for long-term success. 

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About the authors

Scott Christie, Head of Training & Integration at Strengthscope

Scott has the reputation of ‘Mr Strengthscope’ as he describes himself. He is a walking, breathing case study of how using strengths can help you achieve happiness and success in your career. Scott has worked with international clients such as Siemens, Amazon Web Services, Schaeffler. In addition to fast growth start-ups and public sector organisations such as Met Police and the NHS.

He loves helping people find their own lightbulb moments that can transform the way they look at a challenge. He works on design and delivery of our tailored, public and virtual training courses.

Scott’s top three strengths are Developing Others, Self-Improvement and Strategic Mindedness.

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Cindy Tayama, Training Specialist at Strengthscope

Cindy has enthusiasm for working with individuals and teams in recognising their strengths and gaining new perspectives in their development journey. Having Developing Others as a key strength, she is energised and motivated by helping others to learn, grow and fulfil their full potential with the strengths approach.

Having worked within Talent Teams and Learning & Development for the majority of her career, Cindy has a passion for integrating and developing learner-centric solutions which add value on an individual, team, and organisational level.

Cindy’s top three strengths are Developing Others, Critical Thinking, and Efficiency.

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