Empowering early-career employees to shine through strengths

Creating a successful early-careers experience can feel very complex, particularly in the current job market, where the experiences, values and expectations of the new workforce for a successful career are different than those before.

This is where adopting a strengths-approach from the start will not only set you apart as an organisation, but also build confidence in new joiners, improving their performance and retention.

Our new guide, ‘Empowering early-career employees to shine through strengths’, will be your roadmap to crafting a successful early-career experience. 

What you’ll learn: 

  1. How to use strengths to help those new to the world of work articulate their unique contribution to the organisation– Dealing with negativity bias  
  2. How to onboard them onto teams effectively without treating them with kid gloves– Promoting a mindset shift and effective communication  
  3. How to help them find development opportunities to supercharge their skills to meet the organisation’s needs– Developing agility through strengths  

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About the author

Scott Christie, Head of Training and Integration at Strengthscope

Scott has the reputation of ‘Mr Strengthscope’ as he describes himself. He is a walking, breathing case study of how using strengths can help you achieve happiness and success in your career. Scott has worked with international clients such as Siemens, Amazon Web Services, Schaeffler. In addition to fast growth start-ups and public sector organisations such as Met Police and the NHS.

He loves helping people find their own lightbulb moments that can transform the way they look at a challenge. He works on design and delivery of our tailored, public and virtual training courses.

Scott’s top three strengths are Developing Others, Self-Improvement and Strategic Mindedness.

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