Feedback: Positive, productive, powerful

In today’s ever-changing world, we are increasingly aware of the need to look after the mental health and well-being of ourselves and others, to try and create psychologically safe environments where people can speak up and air opinions without fear.

The power of feedback, whether constructive or negative, has never been talked about so much in these contexts.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • What is feedback?
  • What are the real benefits?
  • Why does it have such an emotive effect?
  • How to give and receive feedback in a positive way
  • How to build a feedback culture, the strengths way

Increasing numbers of organisations have started implementing feedback cultures, recognising the enormous benefits to be had, and so can you.

Download your ebook today to discover the benefits of feedback!

About the author

Paul Mehra, Training Consultant at Strengthscope.

Paul is an experienced coach, trainer, consultant, counsellor and facilitator, with excellent interpersonal skills and management experience. He has a particular interest in working with organisations that really value personal and team development, especially focusing on a strengths-based approach to development, coaching and talent management.

Paul’s top three strengths are collaboration, developing others, and compassion.

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