Launching early-careers programmes with impact: The strengths way

Over 400,000 graduates leave education each year and attempt to enter the UK job market. For both employers and graduates, it is highly competitive, with many organisations striving to entice the best and brightest into their teams.

This guide explores the common challenges organisations face in their early careers programmes and how Strengthscope’s people development solutions can make the difference between enabling a great career start, and a life-changing one for your employees.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Common challenges faced by early career professionals
  • How to support the shift from a student mindset to a professional work environment
  • Practical tips for making the early career journey successful.

Thousands of organisations have implemented Strengthscope’s strengths-based people development solutions to support their employees, recognising the enormous benefits positive psychology can have on workplace culture and productivity, and so can you.

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About the author

Toni Marshall, Senior Consultant & Research Lead at Strengthscope.

Having spent 8 years as a consulting business psychologist, Toni joined Strengthscope in 2021 to build on her passion for making positive psychology interventions tangible and sustainable for organisations and individuals. She has been a guest lecturer for undergraduates on the topic of The Psychology of Leadership for several years, and in general, will, in her own words “discuss applied psychology all day, every day, with anyone who will join her”.

Toni’s top three strengths are Strategic Thinking, Empathy and Courage.

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