8-Week Strengthscope® Journaling Challenge

The Power of Strengths Journaling.

Unlocking Your Hidden Potential

Unlock your hidden potential with self-reflection and personal growth. Strengths journaling is a powerful tool that will help you on this journey. Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of your unique strengths and unlock your full potential in both your personal and professional life? Then read on to join our 8-week strengths journaling challenge. 

 Strengths journaling is a practice that involves writing about your strengths, accomplishments, and moments of peak performance. It enables you to explore and discover your core strengths, passions, and values, giving you valuable insights into how to harness and develop them further. In our 8-week challenge, we’ll do just that!  

 Whether you are looking to enhance your career, improve relationships, or simply gain a better understanding of yourself, strengths journaling using Strengthscope® can be a game-changer on your path to self-discovery and personal growth.

What’s included in this challenge? 

  •  Your own Strengthscope® report outlining your significant 7 strengths. The chances of you getting the same top 7 strengths in the same order as anyone else is 1 in 1.3 billion. 
  • A physical Strengthscope journal with weekly guidance and check-ins from our team. 
  • Access to our StrengthsPortal with a variety of resources.
  • Access to a LinkedIn networking group with other participants (optional).
  • An array of benefits that come with understanding your strengths and how to apply them to your day-to-day.  
  • Strengthscope is for life. You only need to do it once to unlock your unique strengths. 

The sign-ups for this challenge are now closed.

Some of the results you can expect from the strengths approach


Increase profit


Increase in productivity


Improvement in engagement


Increase in sales


Reduction in absenteeism

You're in good company

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