Leadership development

The strengths way

Enable your leaders to have a positive, long-lasting impact on their teams.

Empower your leaders to go beyond discovering their strengths. Nurture their exceptional leadership habits with focus, discipline and positive stretch. 

Research has shown that these four leadership habits are essential for exceptional leadership.

Sharing vision

Understanding your context and communicating a clear vision for success

Sparking engagement

Creating a safe, inclusive space for people to develop and deliver

Skilfully executing

Clear expectations and feedback to keep the team on track

Sustaining progress

Developing a sustainable team that keeps performing as its people grow

The foundation of the strengths-based approach.

Creating inspired, empowered leaders starts with our Strengthscope® report and accreditation.

Strengthscope® is the foundation of our strengths-based people development solutions. It reveals our significant 7 strengths that provide a unique insight into the underlying qualities that energise and motivate people to perform their best at work. Our assessment and coaching tools empower people to develop and stretch their strengths and productively overcome blockers to their performance.

We then embed strengths into your organisation with a simple modular approach, with specific solutions for teamwork, leadership development, 360 feedback and employee engagement.

Best time to use

  • Company needs cultural change​
  • Low engagement​
  • Development programmes​
  • New employees​
  • Increase productivity and ROI

What you can expect

  • Simple tool to implement​
  • Positive psychology throughout​
  • Self-serve option makes the product scalable for larger organisations​
  • Universal language – no new terminologies to learn​
  • The tool doesn’t ‘box you in’ or label you but celebrates your uniqueness: the chances of you reporting the same Top 7 strengths in the same order as anyone else is 1 in 1.3 billion​
  • Removes judgement and does not discriminate by age, gender or race.

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