Leadership Development

Take a strengths-based approach for leadership excellence that empowers your people to bring their best selves to work.

When you truly understand, accept, and embrace your unique strengths, you can start to lead authentically and inspire others.

Historically, leaders were expected to look, sound and behave in a way that often stifled authenticity and true leadership excellence. We say, why not play to your strengths, use those inner qualities that energise you and let you be your best, and bring that benefit to your team to drive business performance?

We need leaders who can be their best while energising, engaging and motivating their people. Using your strengths authentically and genuinely will spark this in your teams. As a leader, your unique strengths are a part of your leadership brand.

Leadership development areas we work with:

  • First-time managers and high-potentials 
  • Line manager upskilling
  • Executive-level leadership
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Authentic leadership
  • 360 feedback for leaders
  • Executive coaching
  • Leading through change

We help your leaders with:

  • Strengthscope®: Identifies each individual’s unique strengths and what gives them energy.
  • StrengthscopeLeader™: Helps leaders use their strengths to enhance their leadership behaviours and achieve their goals and supports existing leadership development programmes. It is the first strengths assessment in the market to give leaders stakeholder feedback from up to 20 raters.
  • StrengthscopeManager™: Equips managers for powerful performance conversations and team strengths development sessions. Available as an e-course or one-day live training. 
  • Individual and group debrief sessions: one-to-one or group coaching sessions led by an accredited coach to gain insights from assessment results and take impactful action for change.
  • Authentic leader journey: a three-stage journey on developing an authentic, strengths-based leadership style.
  • Productive leadership habits and leadership brand workshop: introduction to leadership habits, mapping of your current gaps, and how to turn strengths into leadership excellence habits.
  • Bespoke workshops: co-created with our consultants based on your leadership development needs.

Access to continuous strengths development material and coaching tools with StrengthsPortal®

Accreditation programs to train your HR and L&D teams.

Strengthening leadership at Photobox

Europe’s leading online photo service, Photobox, wanted to strengthen people manager effectiveness and employee and partnered with us. Around 50 managers participated in a series of management development workshops over a four-month period. The objectives of the modules were to improve people management skills, develop high-performing teams, and support personal development and strengths building.

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