Are leaders ready for the 4th industrial revolution? With Dr Naeema Pasha

Podcast transcript:


Welcome to the strengths guy podcast with me, Paul Brewerton, Doctor of Organisational Psychology, Founder and Chair of Strengthscope. I am awestruck to have with me today the amazing Dr Naeema Pasha – careers and learning and development specialist, author and futurologist – for her second time on the show.  Welcome, Naeema.

First time was way back in 2019 when we were talking about Gen Zs starting to enter the world of work (if you’re interested, check it out…search for They’re here! Generation Z with Dr Naeema Pasha).

Today, we’re fast-forwarding 3 years, through the pandemic, out the other side, and now into one of the most turbulent and unpredictable periods I can remember in the world and in the world of work. What we’re going to be asking today is whether leaders are ready for the 4th industrial revolution? Wait what? 4th? When were the other 3? Oh yeah the first one was looms smashing the machine and everything, but what about the other 2 then? And what’s this 4th one? You’ll be delighted to know that all these questions and more will be answered today.

As ever with my podversations, I’d like to start if we might Naeema by asking you to intro yourself from like birth to now – covering, if you will, how you arrived where you are today with your deep knowledge of the future world of work, maybe highlighting some moments you’re particularly proud of and/or when you got some amazing learning?


OK, thank you. Now let’s move more deeply into our topic of the day – are leaders ready for the 4th industrial revolution? First of all Naeema, do you feel that the future of work requires a new leadership mindset?  (also could you take us through the 4 industrial revolutions as part of your answer please?)


What influences can we expect during this work revolution?

EDI, AI – Digital Adoption, Climate


Can you speak to some of the challenges of different generations in the workplace and still more approaching (Gen Alpha to be specific)?


As this is the strengths guy podcast, I’ll ask you what you see as a role for strengths and positive psychology in the new world of work you’ve described?


I’d love to know the key takeaways you have for leaders and for people professionals from our discussion today – what are your tips or calls to action?


And any resources you’d recommend for people who are interested to learn more about this topic?

Thank you Naeema, we’ll put links to those resources up in the shownotes for today’s podcast. This has been a fascinating conversation.

Now to round off, if you were to meet a younger you somehow, what advice would you give you?


If people want to get in touch (and why wouldn’t they?), what are the best ways to get in touch with you?

Naeema’s LinkedIn.

Thank you again! That’s a wrap. Till next time everybody, stay strong.