To our Strengthscope community

First, and most importantly, Black Lives Matter. Systemic racism in any form is unacceptable. When we see it or sense it, we will investigate, enquire and, where we find it, we will challenge it directly with clarity and resolve.

At Strengthscope, we have done our very best to embody the values of inclusion, diversity and respect since our company’s inception. We live and breathe them every day, but we know that there’s always more we can learn and more we can do as the world moves forward.

We stand for a world where inclusion and belonging are possible for everyone. We stand in solidarity with our black employees, practitioners, customers, suppliers and partners around the world. We respect wholly the injustices and assumptions you face every day. We are determined to take action as individuals and as a company to change this.

We want to empower everyone at Strengthscope to speak up against injustices. We want everyone’s views to be shared and heard (as long as they’re good with that). And we want to try and inspire others to make changes in their world. So here are just a few of the actions our team will take:

  • I will call out racism in any form, to educate myself in the black experience in order to eliminate my white privilege, to support people of colour in all my communities in their fight for justice and true equality.
  • I will promote total fairness and equity among people.
  • I will make micro changes that influence progress within my environment and beyond.
  • I will learn more about micro aggressions, call on my Courage to hold people accountable for racist behaviour or actions.
  • I will appreciate that my lens is a privileged one, and I will deliberately work hard to be curious, empathetic, and open to everyone I work with.
  • I will do for others what I wish for myself.
  • I will become the best ally that I can be.
  • I will recognise and call out the unconscious bias.
  • I will stand up for what is right.

We want to encourage the world to stand up for one another and to speak out against racism – direct action is the only way to make change happen. Know that if courage isn’t one of your strengths, you can always look to others to help – other strengths and other people.

Now’s the time.
No more racism.
Let’s get to work.