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In the contemporary business landscape, people need leaders who can inspire and teach. With StrengthscopeMaster™, you can receive master status and unlock our full suite of strength-finding products. This way, you can become an accredited Strengthscope® expert, with the proven ability to unlock the potential of people in organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Here’s what awaits you as Strengthscope StrengthscopeMaster™:

Why you should become a StrengthscopeMaster™


Being a StrengthscopeMaster™, you can empower your employees to be the best that they can be. You will have access to our suite of products by being a strengths-based coaching expert, able to quickly identify the natural talents of your people and ensure that their abilities are not wasted.

What’s more, you will enrich lives, inspiring confidence and ensuring that they do the work that makes them feel energised, engaged, and content.

The Strengthscope® accreditation gives you the tools to help people better understand their strengths and unleash their renewed, energised personality. Includes access to our unique 360 degree and strengths engagement tools.

Strengthscope® Accreditation


The StrengthscopeTeam™ accreditation gives you the tools to bring the best out of teams, firing their motivation and productivity, whilst highlighting ways to tackle performance risks they may be facing.

StrengthscopeTeam™ Accreditation


The StrengthscopeLeader™ accreditation gives you the tools to support leaders to be their authentic selves. It will help them understand where they can make their greatest contribution and how to actively manage any risks to their leadership. See the difference you will make in leaders.

StrengthscopeLeader™ Accreditation

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