Enabling individuals on their strengths journey

A path to self-development

The StrengthsPortal® platform gives access to an individual’s Strengthscope® report, courses and information for ongoing development.

What is a strengths journey?

Everyone starts by taking and downloading their Strengthscope® report. Watching the Know Your Strengths video course helps individuals learn how to read their report. They can then choose their strengths to develop further and help achieve the goals they set in their My StrengthsJournal.



Get access to the e-courses on StrengthsPortal®; the content available is personalised to the needs of the individual. The courses enable self-driven strengths development for individuals and teams. To access these courses, please talk to our Customer Success team.

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My StrengthsJournal

Start your strengths development using your private interactive journal. The journal allows you to collect your thoughts and take action. This is private to you and can return for reflection whenever it suits you.


Get the most from your strengths and take a journey of self-development. You will find collections of resources and tools to help you achieve your goals. Browse these collections to help you leap into utilising your strengths fully.


Our podcast compilation of Psychology@Work with The Strengths Guy is available on the StrengthsPortal®. Occupational Psychologist, Dr. Paul Brewerton, takes you inside intriguing topics to help you get the most from work and everyday life. These weekly podcasts cover topics that inspire, educate, and transform.

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How to get started

  • Step 1

    Get your Strengthscope® report to build your foundation for a strength-based organisation.

    View Strengthscope®
  • Step 2

    To understand your Strengthscope® report, notify your organisation’s Practitioner for a debrief or become accredited.

    Become Accredited
  • Step 3

    Energise yourself further by accessing resources and downloading your report from the StrengthsPortal®.

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