Powerful conversations

One of the greatest differentiators between high and low performing organisations is the quality of the conversations between their people.

The issue

Time, pressure, technology, geography. These forces and more are challenging our innate human drive for connection at work. But some of the world’s leading organisations are waking up to the need to devote time and effort to having powerful, positive conversations as a means to drive up engagement, commitment and performance. And they’re starting with performance appraisals and day to day manager coaching conversations.

Research by the Corporate Leadership Council shows that employee performance can increase by as much as 36% when performance conversations focus on strengths, contrasted with a fall of 27% when the same conversation is focused on weaknesses.

What Strengthscope® does

Strengthscope® provides a clear picture of each employee’s strengths and risks at work, across 24 performance-related strengths. This profiling process forms the basis for a series of engaging, employee-centred conversations, building a sense of ownership and empowerment for everyone in your organisation and increasing performance levels as a result.

How we do it

We work with you to develop a structure for each strengths-based conversation you want to introduce for your people. Most typically, these include day-to-day coaching, performance appraisal, and personal/career development.

Each employee’s Strengthscope® profile then slots into a tailored conversation guide, providing straightforward guidance for conversations that maximises each person’s contribution.

Step 1: Get your HR/L&D teams accredited in Strengthscope®

Step 2: Brief line managers and employees on the conversations you want them to have & why

Step 3: Combine Strengthscope® profiles with your conversation guides and evaluate the impact

The proof

"Strengthscope® is a simple and really useful tool that has been an enabler for people to focus on, and excel in, what they are good at."

Personnel Manager, Tesco

"Adopting a strengths-based approach has provided a lens to what we’re good at, as individuals, as teams, as a business. It’s helped us to recognize and promote PhotoBox at our best."

HRD, PhotoBox

“Look hard at your performance process and push toward simplification and strengths-based assessment and coaching. Train managers on how to give feedback. The days of traditional appraisals and forced ranking are coming to an end; performance management is now a tool for greater employee engagement.”

Deloitte University Press: Human Capital Trends

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