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Inspiring stronger teams for lasting results

Teams make up and define organisations, but many fail to achieve their potential and some verge on dysfunctional. But some teams manage to raise their performance to another level and maintain it.

How can you ensure your teams are utilising individual and collective strengths to drive up performance, creating a contagious energy that will flow through a team?

The secret is that these teams have unearthed and unleashed their individual and collective strengths and limited the impact of any risks to achieve their goals. Successful teams have also learned how to flex and reinvent themselves as situations demand by building a strong team culture. Strong teams have clarity on team purpose, objectives and values.

“The biggest difference is the step change in performance, taking us from an already high performing team to one I consider a brilliant team.”
Participating Team Leader, Linde Group

What do high performing teams do?

High performing teams set a standard of excellence and know each other’s strengths to help them achieve their goals. Each team member identifies and masters their own strengths and together they share with others, to develop the people around them and, nurture peak performance.

Managing team strengths and risks

As well as figuring out how best to deploy their individual and collective strengths, the most effective teams go further. These teams identify the strengths that can derail them when they go ‘into overdrive’. They pinpoint the areas that drain them. Then they make a plan to actively manage these risks.

Teams can avoid risks with these four ways to ensure team success.

  • Raising awareness of potential risks
  • Building diverse teams
  • Promoting an open feedback culture
  • Ensuring teams don’t become over-stretched.

A strengths development programme will build awareness of strengths and overdrive risks, that your teams will find insightful and immediately relevant in the way they work together and deliver results.

Great team habits build a performance culture

A team’s habits make up its culture. Good disciplines and productive habits maximise strengths and minimise their risk areas. Good team habits include, amongst others constructive feedback, providing an open forum for debate and discussion without judgement and teams that are committed to a purpose.

How to form stronger teams


What better way to develop teams, combining a team’s strengths to maximise their productivity, collaboration and performance. StrengthscopeTeam™ provides the team’s current behaviours and how these can be enhanced to help build a strong and sustainable team culture.

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The foundation of our strengths-based products, Strengthscope® - identifying 24 unique strengths that energise us, giving each employee a picture of being their very best self. A team knowing their strengths, helps the entire team to function with high performance.

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Get your questions answered by getting a free consult to see if this is right for you.


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