Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Take a strengths-based approach for better-informed hiring decisions and a positive candidate experience.

Using the language of strengths helps candidates explain themselves better and gives your hiring managers a clearer picture of who they are hiring.

Strengthscope® supports your talent acquisition teams and hiring managers with strengths assessments for early and late-stage recruitment processes.

Energised from the get-go

Elevate your candidate experience and make better-informed decisions. Talent acquisition teams around the world use strengths assessments for:

  • High-volume, top-funnel applications
  • Final stage interviews
  • Upskilling hiring managers

Boost your recruitment with strengths

Early-stage recruitment

Engage your candidates early in the recruitment process, enabling them to describe their unique approach at work, and what energises and motivates them. Providing both successful and unsuccessful candidates with their Strengthscope® report gives them practical tips to strengthen their future careers and builds goodwill and employer brand for your business.

Late-stage recruitment

Strengthscope® gives a comprehensive assessment of a candidate’s strengths and risk areas in the role. Exploring this at the interview during late-stage recruitment provides your recruitment team with essential information on a candidate’s self-awareness, their ‘fit’ for the role and their ability to adapt their strengths to overcome challenges and deliver sustained high performance.

Graduate & apprentice recruitment

For the graduate and early careers populations with limited work experience, Strengthscope® provides a rich picture of their potential contribution in the role. With an accessible and universal language, it gives candidates a clear framework to describe how they can bring their best selves to a role and team, also providing a safe way to explore their ‘watch-out’ areas.

Why you'll recruit better with a strengths-based approach:

Support a strengths-based culture

Improve your employer brand

Improve your candidate experience

Promote DE&I in your talent pipeline

Build an integrated employee experience, with strengths from hire to retire

Get a holistic picture of the applicant


Transforming talent acquisition at Siemens

As part of its continued drive to attract and retain the world’s best talent, Siemens’ talent acquisition team worked with us to introduce the strengths approach to its recruitment process. Together, we constructed a shortened Strengthscope® report, available globally in multiple languages. In this candidate-driven process, the report is given to each candidate as a “gift”, and it is optional for candidates to take the report or use the insights during their interview process.

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