Rebecca Cristianson - millennial leader

Millennial leaders – the essential guide

A Podversation with Rebecca Christianson Today’s podversation is with Rebecca Christianson, someone I’ve known, worked with for a number of years when she was based in the UK and who I’ve stayed in touch with now she’s back in Australia. We will be speaking about the experience of being a Millennial senior leader and Executive

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Be more you in 5 steps – the strengths way

When it comes to being authentic, with skill, there are few better approaches than by using the strengths approach. So today, I would like to focus on how to be more you, the strengths way. I have 5 steps to share with you: know your values and purpose; understand what energises you; build a brand

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Strengths in the community

In today’s podcast we talk to a truly tremendous human, who is doing a whole range of positive work in the community both in the UK and in DRC in Central Africa, Christian Bless. We discuss Christian’s story: setting up Solola Bien, a TV show in DRC, the community group Boys 2 Men in London

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Feminism,Fists,,Protest,,Gender Equality

Gender equality, feminism and strengths

  A Podversation with Abbigail Leeson Today’s conversation is with our Strengthscope intern, Abbigail Leeson. In her time with us, Abbigail has been focusing on building the Strengthscope practitioner community and has provided a lot of creative and research input to help with that. In her time with us, Abbi has also been upskilling and

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How to share your leadership vision in 7 steps

What the research is telling us about the search for meaning at work In a recent study by Bentley University, 84% of millennials said that helping to make a positive difference in the world is more important to them in terms of motivation than professional recognition. In a Henley Business School study, they found that

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Authentic leadership and the role of strengths

A podversation with Rebecca Newton In this podversation, I talk with Dr. Rebecca Newton, organisational psychologist lecturing in Management Practice at the London School of Economics, and faculty member teaching on the Accelerated Leadership Program at Harvard Law School. Rebecca is also CEO of CoachAdviser, and an adviser, executive coach and facilitator of leadership development

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Building your stakeholder engagement strategy

Stakeholder engagement – what and why? In my coaching and development work with senior execs, there is one activity that I can guarantee will always form part of our conversations, almost certainly more than once. And that’s stakeholder engagement. From forming a stakeholder engagement map to a stakeholder engagement plan or strategy, these discussions are

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leadership brand

How to build your personal leadership brand

In my executive coaching work, I often spend time with leaders working on their values as the principles they work to and which others need to understand. We also spend time on the strengths and skills that mark them out as unique. For some leaders we also talk purpose – what difference they want to

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Derek Appau

Using strengths to drive inclusion and equity – a podversation with Derek Appau

Today’s podversation is with Derek Appau, the founder of Limitless Personal Excellence. Derek specialises in accelerating career progression, job satisfaction, leadership development and creating inclusive cultures. Derek also has his own podcast channel – Passions N’ Professions – (available on Apple Podcasts here) about people who have taken what they loved and turned them into

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