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Strengthscope is going from strength to strength – growth plans and new Managing Director appointment   World-leading strengths assessment and development company Strengthscope, headquartered in London, UK, has announced a new strategic appointment. David Lincoln will take the role of Managing Director, from Monday 19th October, to drive the operation and deliver sustainable international business

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Improve your career wellbeing

Improve your career wellbeing part 1

First up, what is career wellbeing? Well it doesn’t have a 100% agreed-on definition but researchers have tried to break it down into various elements including: career transitions you might make your relationships at work your relationship with the organisation your work performance your sense of purpose learning and development your work-life blend In today’s

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Supercharge your wellbeing - how to connect well

Supercharge your wellbeing – how to connect well

Now is a good time to focus on your wellbeing. One of the central pillars of you feeling well is to connect with other humans. We’re social animals and the last few months have been particularly challenging in terms of how to connect socially with people when much of our interaction is through screens or

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manging a team through change

Managing a team through change

Many teams are experiencing significant change as a result of the events of 2020 but change within teams presents a perennial challenge. Team membership is always fluid, goals and objectives need to be revisited, projects and focuses come and go. This podcast focuses on what you can practically do to lead a team through change

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Returning to work

Returning to work – the strengths way

More offices and workplaces are now starting to open and more people are returning to work, and there’s an unusual atmosphere of normality combined with concerns about the unknown. To ease those concerns and increase the feeling of normality, my headline advice is to go for familiarity and control, that will help ease any stress

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