Strengthscope growth plans and new Managing Director

Strengthscope is going from strength to strength – growth plans and new Managing Director appointment

World-leading strengths assessment and development company Strengthscope, headquartered in London, UK, has announced a new strategic appointment. David Lincoln will take the role of Managing Director, from Monday 19th October, to drive the operation and deliver sustainable international business growth.

Established in 2006 and with clients such as Siemens Global, Samsung, World Bank Group, Takeda and HSBC,  Strengthscope continues to go from strength to strength, providing clients with scalable solutions to supercharge personal, team and leadership effectiveness and organisation-wide culture change.

Dr Paul Brewerton, Founder of Strengthscope said, “I am incredibly excited about David’s appointment. His passion for people development and track record of leadership success are key strengths that will enable the business to scale globally and enable our products to realise their potential and impact positively on the working lives of millions more people.”  

David said, “The new reality of life during and post-Covid has created high demand for people to gain understanding of what motivates and energises them.  Strengthscope® is a unique tool for achieving this, helping people bring their best self to work and life every day, more essential now than ever before.  I’m super proud of the whole Strengthscope® team and what they have achieved during lockdown, preparing us for the challenges and opportunities ahead.  The two main questions we are being asked right now are how do organisations retain and harness the power of their people in a fast-changing and unpredictable world and how do you improve employee engagement and satisfaction at work?  We have the answer to both!”

The appointment demonstrates Strengthscope’s ongoing commitment to growth and to its mission: to reveal the unique strengths of people across the world, enabling them to bring their most authentic and inspired selves to work and to life every day.

David brings with him extensive operational management and leadership experience across a number of sectors. He has been with the company for a year and in that time has had a huge impact: alongside his awesome team at Strengthscope, David has overseen the product’s translation into 11 languages, ensured the company’s market leading position in accessibility for all users, rolled out enterprise-wide integrations for our product and partnered with large technology providers to bring Strengthscope® to their global communities. David will be also be driving forward the delivery of Strengthscope’s product pipeline, which is as exciting as it is ambitious. Planned releases include:

  • A new platform for customers to be able to take their strengths development to the next level with dynamic practical tools and learning content based on their unique strengths
  • An e-learning course enabling managers to motivate and lead their people the Strengthscope® way
  • Self-serve accreditation in Strengthscope® accessible on demand from anywhere in the world.