Which strengths will you use at Christmas?

Here is our take on how you will use your strengths at Christmas.


If anyone is behaving in a non-Christmassy manner, you’ll be sure to call it out.

Emotional control:

You have a plan on how to defuse any tense family situations over the holiday period.


Everyone knows it’s Christmas when you’re around – your excitement is infectious


Whatever last minute hiccups there might be in your Christmas plans, you know things will work out for the best.


The harder things get at Christmas time, the more you’ll up your energy to overcome any blocks or challenges.


You have a clear vision for how Christmas day will go and you’re 100% confident that you will deliver it.


You come up with some fantastic ideas for family and friend get-togethers over the holiday period.


You always want to make sure that people are happy and cared for at Christmas – follow your heart and go with it!

Developing others:

This Christmas, look for learning opportunities for everyone – you’ll love seeing it when it happens.


Your gift ideas are guaranteed going to raise a smile, as they’re so thoughtful and appreciated.


You get everyone involved in your Christmas plans and you make sure everyone is clear on their role and tasks.


You’re always going to want to win a heated debate at Christmas with friends and family – time to unleash that strength.

Relationship building:

Be the ‘people connector’ this Christmas, acting as a hub and a channel for everyone to feel included and valued.


If there’s any point this Christmas where someone’s stuck and needs some help making a decision, they should come to you!


You enjoy working out the logistics of Christmas arrangements and making sure that the plan is followed.


Whatever the plans are at Christmas, you will go with the flow and bring others with you – they’ll appreciate how easy you make it look.


You’re going to be the one to start the party, kick off the singing, be the first to put up decorations.

Results focus:

You know exactly what presents you need to buy and focus all efforts on achieving that goal.


You’ll be looking forward to stretching yourself this Christmas, be on the lookout for new opportunities to learn and grow.

Common sense:

Why move away from what works at Christmas – go with the tried and tested meal, entertainment and music options every time!


You come up with new and innovative gift and games ideas that are sure to challenge the norm.

Critical thinking:

If there’s someone who can make a balanced, logical decision on a tricky topic this Christmas (like best ever Christmas song) – it’s you!

Detail orientation:

You spend time making sure your gifts are beautifully presented and your decorations look gorgeous.

Strategic mindedness:

You see future opportunities that others don’t see way ahead of Christmas itself.

From all of us here at Strengthscope, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!