Case Study

Global Pharma Company

Supporting leadership teams through major change in a global pharma company

Global Pharma Company


Our client, a European development division of a mid-sized Japanese Pharmaceutical company, experienced major re-organization and strategic re-positioning following the acquisition of a multi-site European-based company.

Strengthscope® worked with the company for a 2 year period to support new team start-up, integration, conflict resolution and building peak performing teams that reflected the values and competencies required by the organization. The vast majority of the work was with senior leadership teams in Europe who operate in a complex, global matrix environment and have diverse stakeholder relationships.

Our solution

Improve confidence, sense of control and stakeholder management

A variety of pragmatic and highly customized leadership development and coaching interventions were designed and delivered to support team development efforts across different teams.

Diagnostic tools, including Strengthscope360™ and StrengthscopeTeam™, were used to raise awareness of current performance and help teams optimize their people’s strengths and individual differences.

Team workshops and follow-up support such as team coaching helped teams to clarify their purpose, priorities, success measures and work plan to refocus activity post re-organization. Teams also learned to become more agile and apply change and influencing tools and techniques to maintain their productivity and performance through disruptive transformation.


  • Improved team member clarity on goals, priorities and measures of success resulting in improved performance
  • Improved retention of key talent
  • More skillful influencing of global stakeholders
  • Faster, more effective on-boarding of new team leaders and members
  • Improved relations across European sites
  • Improved relations, appreciation of different strengths and ability to resolve conflict in a constructive way
  • More positive, solutions-focused mindset among team members

Team morale is much improved, resulting in very significant improvement in long term global employee survey scores, including a 46% increase in the employee engagement score.

Talent Development Manager