Change Management

Support organisational change with strengths.

In dynamic organisations, employees can feel uncertain and anxious during major transitions. This leads to a negative shift in morale, as well as increasing dysfunction and conflict between teams and departments. At a time when employees are expected to use their strengths and rally together, business leaders often meet resistance and fail to inspire and uplift their teams.

The solution: steer your teams away from the path of limitation to one of possibility and positivity with a strengths-focused approach.

Introduce strengths awareness and development to your teams to: 

  • Build resilience
  • Steer organisational change and restructuring 
  • Navigate uncertainty

During times of change, we help your organization through:

  • Strengthscope®: Identifies each individual’s unique strengths and what gives them energy.
  • Strengthscope360™: Measures the effective use of an individual’s top strengths through qualitative and quantitative feedback from up to 15 raters, and tracks improvement over time.
  • StrengthscopeLeader™: Helps leaders use their strengths to enhance their leadership behaviours and achieve their goals and supports existing leadership development programmes. It is the first strengths assessment in the market to give leaders stakeholder feedback from up to 20 raters.
  • Individual and group debrief sessions: one-to-one or group coaching sessions led by an accredited coach to gain insights from assessment results and take impactful action for change.
  • Bespoke workshops: co-created with our consultants based on your specific organisational needs.

Access to continuous strengths development material and coaching tools with StrengthsPortal®.

Accreditation programs to train your HR and L&D teams.

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