Early Careers

Improve the effectiveness of your early careers programs: from recruitment to on-boarding and career development.

Each year, thousands of graduates leave education and attempt to enter the job market. For both employers and graduates, it’s competitive.

We offer a scalable, scientifically proven method to improve the effectiveness of early careers programs throughout the employee lifecycle. From recruitment, onboarding, team introductions, to development, performance feedback and beyond, we’re with you all the way.

With you from the start

Using the strengths-based approach in your early careers programmes can help you:

  • improve the retention rate of your graduates;
  • increase employee engagement;
  • improve hiring diversity by bringing strengths into the recruitment process; and
  • set a precedent for psychological safety from the start.

When to use strengths for early careers programmes:

Graduate and apprentice recruitment

Onboarding through a strengths-based approach

During objective setting

Ongoing employee development

Performance management

Transitioning into a new role

We help your early careers cohorts with:

  • Strengthscope®: Identifies each individual’s unique strengths and what gives them energy.
  • Strengthscope360™: Measures the effective use of an individual’s top strengths through qualitative and quantitative feedback from up to 15 raters, tracking improvement over time.
  • StrengthscopeTeam™: Combines a team’s strengths to maximise their productivity, collaboration, and performance; measures team behaviours and habits; and tracks improvement over time.
  • Individual and group debrief sessions: One-to-one or group coaching sessions led by an accredited coach to gain insights from assessment results and take impactful action for change.
  • Career development workshops: clarifies career aspirations and how to achieve them. Your early career cohorts can refine and practice communicating their personal brand and value to stakeholders.
  • Bespoke workshops: co-created with our consultants based on your specific organisational needs.

Access to continuous strengths development material and coaching tools with StrengthsPortal®

In-house and public accreditation programs to train your HR and L&D teams.

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