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Catalyse high-impact conversations for exceptional performance

One of the greatest differentiators between high and low performing organisations is the quality of the conversations between their people.

Some of the world’s leading organisations are waking up to the need to devote time and effort to having powerful, positive conversations to drive up engagement, commitment, and performance. And they’re starting with performance appraisals and day to day manager coaching conversations.

A culture of openness and honesty brings positive outcomes and business success.

What we can do about it

Strengthscope® provides a clear picture of each employee’s strengths and risks at work, across 24 performance-related strengths.

This analysis forms the basis for a series of engaging, employee-centred conversations, accelerating a culture of acceptance and empowerment for everyone in your organisation and increasing performance levels as a result.

We will work with you to develop a structure for each strengths-based conversation you want to introduce for your people. Each employee’s Strengthscope® profile then slots into a tailored conversation guide, providing straightforward guidance for conversations that maximise each person’s contribution.

How to implement high-impact conversations within your organisation


Awaken the extraordinary. Give your people an opportunity to experience and benefit from high-impact conversations.

Get started with Strengthscope®. Our core tool to identify those strengths to start making an impact not only in communication but overall performance at work.

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Effective communications are vital to enable high-performing teams. We recommend StrengthscopeTeam™. It’s a powerful tool to find a team’s strengths and gaps/risks. It will maximise performance and effective collaboration.

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