Using strengths to drive inclusion and equity – a podversation with Derek Appau

Today’s podversation is with Derek Appau, the founder of Limitless Personal Excellence. Derek specialises in accelerating career progression, job satisfaction, leadership development and creating inclusive cultures.

Derek also has his own podcast channel – Passions N’ Professions – (available on Apple Podcasts here) about people who have taken what they loved and turned them into what they do as a profession.

Some of the things we discuss are:

  • The strengths approach and the use of psychometrics in the context of creating more inclusive, equitable and diverse workplaces and cultures.
  • How we can use strengths and psychometrics to level the playing field for individuals from an ethnic minority background.
  • How strengths and Strengthscope can change the narrative around inclusion
  • Along with some personal stories from myself and Derek

Thanks to Derek for taking the time to appear on this weeks podcast. I highly recommend checking out Derek’s Passions N’ Professions podcast and you can find the Limitless Personal Excellence website here.

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