Diversity and Inclusion

Achieve a greater diversity of talent. Increase your organisation’s capacity for creative thought, innovation and better decision making at all levels.

Helping your organization to thrive

Corporate diversity and inclusion strategies often miss one of the greatest opportunities in people management today: discovering and encouraging the unique contribution that can be made by every employee who works for you.

We use positive psychology to provide people development solutions for your organisation. With our science-based strengths assessments and development tools, we help individuals, teams, and leaders discover their unique strengths in a memorable, practical way. The result is a more diverse, engaged, and productive workforce.

Building a strengths-based culture contributes to improving D&I through:

  • Better awareness of self and others
  • Discovering everyone’s unique contributions
  • Providing a framework for courageous conversations

We support your D&I initiatives with:

  • Strengthscope®: Identifies each individual’s unique strengths and what gives them energy.
  • Strengthscope360™: Measures the effective use of an individual’s top strengths through qualitative and quantitative feedback from up to 15 raters, tracking improvement over time.
  • StrengthscopeManager™: Equips managers for powerful performance conversations and team strengths development sessions. Available as an e-course or one-day live training.
  • Individual and group debrief sessions: one-to-one or group coaching sessions led by an accredited coach to gain insights from assessment results and take impactful action for change.
  • Bespoke workshops: co-created with our consultants based on your specific organisational needs.

Access to continuous strengths development material and coaching tools with StrengthsPortal®

Accreditation programs to train your HR and L&D teams.

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