Strengths Partnership Proudly Host Peking University Delegation

Recently, Boris Johnson and George Osborne undertook a well-publicised and successful visit to Peking University in China, a leading University in China which is becoming increasingly famous around the world. Not to be outdone by our politicians, we too have been building stronger relations with Peking University and expanding our business in China.

In October, James Brook, Joint Managing Director, from Strengths Partnership, ran a workshop on strengths-based leadership for a delegation of over 40 Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) students from Peking University with the help of Ricky Wei QIN, the company’s country lead in China and a strengths coach on the BiMBA program. The workshop was part of a broader programme of learning activities and field trips arranged in partnership with Ashridge Business School. The 3-hour session was very well received and showed the strong universal nature of focusing on strengths as a way to unlock the power of the workforce. Delegates all completed Strengthscope® in advance of the programme and received feedback on their reports during the session. They also related the strengths-based leadership and team principles to a sailing challenge they had undertaken earlier in the programme.

The following week, Strengths Partnership were proud to host Professor Yang, the Dean of the BiMBA Program, his wife and Ms Crystal Fang at their offices for a meeting  to explore opportunities to strengthen ties and the use of the Strengthscope® assessment system within the MBA programme to help delegates better optimise their strengths and those of their followers.

The visit was a great success and we look forward to further strengthening our partnership with Peking University in future.