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Tackling the biggest risks for leaders: Identifying and reducing overdrive risks

Many leaders derail not because of obvious weaknesses, but when strengths are overused or used in the wrong way or at the wrong time. Despite the importance of managing these overdrive risks to leadership excellence, it is only a very small percentage of leaders who understand their overdrive risks and have strategies in place for dealing with them. Our co-founders, James and Paul, will talk through some of the latest practices and techniques to tackle the greatest risk for leaders: strengths in overdrive.


25TH JAN 2018 13:00-13:40 GMT (Facilitated by James)

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13TH JUNE 2018 13:00-13:40 GMT (Facilitated by Paul)

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Engaging performance conversations : the why’s and how’s

Most organizations are replacing their traditional appraisal cycle with a range of innovative and engaging practices and tools to ensure performance conversations are more motivating, regular and lead to measurable improvements in engagement and performance. Our co-founder and leading business psychologist, Paul Brewerton, will talk through some of the latest practices and techniques organizations are adopting together with how strengths-based approaches can be applied to get the best out of performance conversations.


22ND FEB 2018 13:00-13:40 GMT

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Energizing leadership: optimizing strengths to achieve peak performance

Hear about our case studies, learnings and most recent techniques in strengths-based leadership. Tell us what you would like to hear about and what questions you would like to get answered by emailing one of our most experienced strengths psychologists! Email your questions and suggestions to [email protected] at least 2 days before the webinar starts to have any questions answered!


21ST MARCH 2018 13:00-13:40 GMT

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12TH SEPT 2018 13:00-13:40

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Strengths coaching for excellent results

Strengths coaching is one of the fastest growing coaching approaches in business today, focusing on strengths to deliver successful outcomes, using strengths to overcome performance risks, and building a coaching culture where employees are more solutions-focused and engaged. Our co-founders, James and Paul, will talk through practical coaching skills, tools and techniques that enable managers and leaders to empower employees to excel by optimizing their strengths and skills.


24TH MAY 13:00-13:40 GMT (Facilitated by James)

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15TH NOVEMBER 13:00-13:40 GMT
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