100 Strengths Guy podcasts milestone – Here are our 5 most popular episodes

On Monday, the Strengths Guy passed a big milestone – “How to boost well being at work” was our 100th podcast episode. Thanks again to everyone for listening, liking and sharing, and if you’re a new listener, please check out the back catalogue – there is a lot of content there:

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Here are your five most popular episodes we have had.

No. 5 – Getting the most from remote management

(Season 7, Episode 1)

More and more people are managing some or all of their team remotely these days – partly because technology allows and in some cases, because circumstances dictate. Check out this episode for some tips on how to get the very best from yourself and your team when working remotely.


No.4 – Louise Blanchett Podversation

(Podversation, Episode 5)

The Strengths Guy is joined by Louise Blanchett, an Occupational Psychologist who is currently a Health and Well-Being Partner at a major UK bank.Louise is going to tell her story of strengths through her career so far – how she’s used the approach in her corporate career, for her own personal development and outside of work too.

How to smash Mondays


Most of us experience fairly similar Monday mornings. We drive to a train station, have our train journey, walk to an office and then we arrive at work (that part maybe slightly different now). But regardless if you’re in the office or WFH, this episode gives you 8 steps to smash those #MondayBlues outta here…

How to deal with imposter syndrome

(Season 4, Episode 1)

Feeling that you’re not as competent or worthy or valuable as other people and that you might get ‘found out’ at any minute? This episode explores what imposter syndrome is, why it happens and how to deal with it.

How to be confident

(Season 3, Episode 8)

Do you find that your confidence sometimes isn’t where you’d like it? Do you look around you and see people who are better / cleverer / faster / funnier and wonder where that leaves you? Check out this episode for some quick, science-based tips on building the confidence you never knew you had – at work, at home, in life.

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