Strengths based coaching accelerates performance

Strengths-based coaching is now one of the most used coaching methodologies in business today. This reflects a growing appreciation of how strengths-based coaching significantly contributes to successful coaching outcomes – including higher levels of positivity, engagement and sustained peak performance.

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3 Ways strengths based coaching creates successful coaching outcomes

1) Strengths based coaching

Recognises that each individual has within them the answers to how to bring their best self to work, and by giving employees and clients an understanding of what can help them to do that – by understanding their strengths – they can more easily deliver successful outcomes. There are many tools on the market that can be used alongside the coaching experience, including Strengthscope®.  Strengthscope® gives individuals a detailed understanding of what their strengths are. Coaches using a strengths-focused approach with their coachees explore what most energises their clients – and so are already talking about areas that the client is likely to be great at – or are more able to become great at.

2) Strengths-focused coaching

Supports clients to use their strengths to overcome performance risks such as limiting weaknesses and strengths going into overdrive, and how to stretch their strengths to take them to a whole new level in terms of success outcomes in the workplace.

3) Delivering on goals

strength based coaching iconThat are set during a coaching session is made easier when playing to strengths – as we are using what already energises us. Coachees are more likely to overcome barriers if they know what their strengths are, and then develop agility by playing to those strengths if the going gets tough. Focusing on what energises can help individuals to refocus on the positive and boost performance levels to ensure those successful outcomes!

Danica Apolline, Consultant

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