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Find out a little more about Strengthscope including who we are, why we’re here, what makes us tick, and what we get up to when we let loose.

Back in the mid-noughties, we kept on seeing the same problem pretty much every day: people + work sometimes = misery/unhappiness/lack of fulfilment. We knew that being fulfilled wasn’t this unattainable dream, we knew it was within everyone’s reach but we needed a way to show them that the journey to that point came from within.

If we could build a simple, accessible language that enabled people to pinpoint what they loved most about work, coupled with giving them increased self-awareness, we knew we could make a positive difference to organisations and to people’s lives, everywhere.

So after a lot of research (and caffeine), in 2006 we built Strengthscope® – a system to help people find and communicate their strengths to themselves and others to bring more of themselves to work and to life.

Shortly after we created the world’s first multi-rater strengths assessment Strengthscope360™ which introduced the beautiful power of feedback for self-improvement. 2015 saw StrengthscopeLeader™ being added into the mix – another world’s first. 

We added a simple toolkit for employees, managers and teams to have powerful conversations, and we were rolling, creating positive difference, everywhere.

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Our values

Our values, what we stand for are integral to how we do business, how we partner, and how we achieve success:

Changing lives

We transform people’s lives and organisations. What we do creates inspiration and energy for lasting positive change.

With you all the way

Putting customers at the heart of what we do.

Being ourselves

We encourage everyone to explore, connect with, and show up as their unique selves.

Deepening connections

We enable people to build deeper, more human connections by having real conversations.

Keeping it simple

In a busy world, we strive to keep things as simple and practical as possible in all that we do.

Being inclusive

We take the time to build understanding, respect and appreciation for everyone we meet.

Our team

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Paul has a healthy obsession with transforming people’s lives. He’s always exploring and sharing the best the world has to offer to help people upgrade their lives and achieve more than they thought was possible.

He’s a running and meditation junkie, a gin fan and avid baker.


Training Consultant

Zara is all about creating meaningful moments that challenge and transform people positively. She is passionate that she is the unfinished product and always keen to learn and have a go! 

She’s a yogi at heart but loves all things active, and is always up for a conversation about food, where to get it, sharing recipes and new restaurants to try out.


Head of Training & Integration

Scott loves helping people find their own lightbulb moments that can transform the way they look at a challenge. He works on design and delivery of our tailored, public and virtual training courses.

Outside of work, he can be found dodging human traffic on lunchtime runs by the Thames, hanging out with his family and hoping that Aberdeen FC win!


Managing Director

David is passionate about making a difference in everything he does, helping people to be better at what they do, how they do it and why they do it. He is already a huge advocate of the strengths based approach which fits this perfectly.

His role is all about helping the business to flourish with strategy, structure and process, taking away the things that get in the way, irritate and annoy.

Outside of work you will find him at a clay pigeon shooting club, a race track or eating in a great café, pub or restaurant.


Head of Sales

Katy passionately believes in delivering a first-class customer buying experience; this means deeply understanding the customer’s needs and delivering a solution that far exceeds expectations.

In her spare time, Katy is a runner, an NBA fan, a loyal supporter of Arsenal Women and a music enthusiast.


Finance Manager

Soumya is extremely passionate about making sure that the financial reports represent a true and fair view of the business performance. She uses her strengths such as detail orientation, efficiency and results focus to render the financial information required by the Strengthscope team to deliver their very best.

Outside of work, you will find her singing and dancing with her little daughter, spending time with family, experimenting new recipes and watching Bollywood movies.

Natasha Kirycuk

Customer experience team manager

Natasha is passionate about understanding the customers’ expectations and finding ways to go above and beyond to deliver an excellent customer experience. Her detail orientation and resilience helps her with developing a strategy to give clients the best possible experience with Strengthscope.

Outside of work she enjoys cooking various cuisines for friends and family, spending time in the countryside or watching a local band.



Single minded obsession with ensuring we have the healthiest possible numbers finance wise (maximum sales, minimum costs, maximum profits).

He is a die-hard Liverpool fan with a love of eating anything that is chicken. Devoted family man in his spare time.

St Louis

Customer Experience & Office Assistant

Truth has a passion for being understanding and compassionate to maintain a smooth running client relationship, always putting people’s best interests at heart and assisting where she can.

Outside of the office she likes to write music and record songs.


People Lead

Migle is all about using her love of efficiency to support people and enable them to do their very best. That’s why we have her looking after our amazing internal team.

She spends her evenings relaxing with the help of Netflix and weekends brunching with friends all over London.


Marketing Executive

Harry thrives on developing lasting relationships with an audience. He is always finding new and exciting ways to engage with people.

Harry is a fitness fanatic and enjoys playing football, tennis and cycling.


Events Coordinator

Lauren is passionate about creating the best training experience possible for our Strengthscope® practitioners. She loves using her Creativity strength to come up with fresh and creative solutions.

When the bell goes, Lauren loves being creative at home by upcyling items and is currently planning her wedding next year.


Training Consultant

Paul gets a massive buzz from helping people realise they can do things better and continually improve, and that they have the potential to be the best – when people acknowledge that shift in perspective and make things happen, then he is happy!

When he is not doing this he is creating a new garden, taking long walks with the dog, and listening to music (either live or via his vinyl collection!)

Abdul Mohiyuddin

Business Development Manager

Abdul finds purpose in helping people exceed their potential. He loves transforming people’s lives and helping them reach their goals. Challenges excite Abdul and he loves being out of his comfort zone to achieve more.

Outside of work, Abdul supports Manchester United and has a real passion for cars, some would call Abdul a real Petrol head. He has a huge family and spends most of his time entertaining his nieces and nephews.


Head of Programme & Project Management

Aleksandra is passionate about project management and working in change environment. She is managing the development of Strengthscope® platform and delivering new features and improvement each month.

She loves art and travelling, and enjoys learning more about the world by meeting new people.


Customer Integration Manager

Dee is a process fanatic who is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience in the most efficient way possible.

Her mindfulness moments come when cooking for her family and friends or working on a complex cross stitch pattern.



Tais is passionate about delivering great quality software development products. She’s the tester in the company and looks after the quality of the Strengthscope® system.

She likes to write letters to pen pals, learn languages and watch Korean Drama, among other many hobbies.


Head of Marketing

Tina is passionate about engaging audiences with creativity and experiences, driving value with inspiring and ah-ha moments.

Her role is to manage all things marketing, to enhance the Strengthscope brand and touch as many people’s lives with the strength-based approach.

In her spare time, you will find Tina on a tennis court, walking in the park or flying a drone with her son. She is a bit of a superhero and sci-fi junkie.


Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Bea feels the happiest when she’s making people around her happy, a trait that she upholds both in her professional and personal life. Being enthusiastic is a strength that helps her to become a great Customer Success Manager.

Bea is responsible for retaining and growing the relationships with our clients.

Having spent her childhood in the Philippines, she has grown up singing karaoke and is weirdly competitive at it. When she’s not singing (badly), you can find her at a local ramen bar or a pub.

Steven Betancourt

Business Development Manager & Partnership Lead

Steven is passionate about helping people reach their full potential and help them to enjoy what they do. He loves partnering up with clients to help them achieve their strategic goals and loves a good business challenge.

Outside of work Steven enjoys playing football, keeping fit at the gym and going to Stamford Bridge to watch his beloved Chelsea. Also he enjoys spending time with his family.


Training Executive

Claire thrives in social and lively atmospheres. She loves teaching individuals how to adapt to change and feel confident in what makes them truly unique. In her role, she aims to combine these passions in order effectively imbed the strengths approach.

Food is her love language! Out of office you can find her trying out new vegan restaurants or having a pint and watching the football. After a long weekend of socialising, Claire loves nothing more than to wind down with a good book.

Georgia Adorian

Customer Experience & Community Assistant

Georgia is a true optimist who strives to create a positive and effecient experience for everyone she works with. Georgia supports our partner community and previously looked after our internal team.

Georgia loves nutritious food, walks in the park with her family and all things autumn. She is a firm believer in the law of attraction and lives by the mantra thoughts become things.


Customer Success Manager

Megan is passionate about helping people bring their best every day and empowering others to be their true and authentic selves.

Megan loves meeting new people and building relationships, passions that lend themselves well to her job as a Customer Success Manager.

Outside of work Megan enjoys exercise and can often be found in a morning spin class. She also loves hosting family and friends and particularly enjoys a trip to the pub!

de Vasco

Customer Experience & Community Assistant

This is Veronica, your ultimate cheerleader. With optimism and enthusiasm Veronica strives to make every interaction with the customer a positive one by authentically upholding the mission and values of Strengthscope. She is passionate about taking the initiative to reach out and make connections. 

Veronica is a true South African whose vocabulary is never complete without “ja” or “lekker”. She keeps her Portuguese heritage alive through her cooking and her taste in music. Outside of work she loves spending time with her family, exploring new places and trying new things!


Project Manager

Robinson is passionate about project management and delivering objectives that benefit clients and peers. Having a hunger for self-improvement, Robinson is someone that likes to learn and try new things wherever possible.

Outside of work, Robinson does many things: from cooking for friends to boulder climbing. From reading a book to learning how to play the guitar as well as supporting his local football team Arsenal.

Toni Marshall

Training Consultant

Toni is an advocate of all things positive psychology and is particularly passionate about creating working environments that enable people to be themselves, develop and thrive. Her strengths in creativity and compassion fuel her approach to training and facilitation.

When she is off the clock, Toni enjoys walks in the peak district with her family, learning creative new skills at night classes and eating out.


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