Get more out of strengths with your clients

StrengthsHub is the new self-serve online platform from Strengthscope to support you to deliver an improved Strengthscope® experience to your clients, allowing you to have higher quality conversations and support your clients to develop their strengths further and faster than before.

With agile and responsive online courses and ongoing support as standard, StrengthsHub is here to help you to help your clients stretch their strengths and manage performance risks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Strengthscope is giving you and your client full control. With your support, your clients can continue to develop their strengths day by day, with the StrengthsHub system taking up the admin load.

And you will see quicker, longer-lasting results in your client work.

Give your clients tailored tips on their strengths journey to help them develop each strength, supported throughout by you – covering stretching strengths, managing performance risks and how to move into action.

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“I love it. It’s a great tool to help to embed strengths.
I liked it because it was personal to me and as I progressed through, I could see all my information added.”

Leadership Development Specialist, Toolstation
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