The StrengthscopeTeam consolidates Strengthscope® and Strengthscope360 reports at team level, allowing you to truly connect with the people you work with.

The report helps you better understand what makes your team truly unique and how to drive up positive team behaviours.

The result? More engaged, inclusive, productive and appreciative teams.

Who is StrengthscopeTeam for?

StrengthscopeTeam is for::
  • Any team who wants more than just awareness and is curious to know how each team member’s strengths impacts the performance and culture of the team
  • Teams wanting to delve deeper into why they behave the way they do and how to build positive rituals guaranteed to deliver high performance.
Did you know that StrengthscopeTeam is more and more commonly used to highlight and appreciate diversity in a team?
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What does the StrengthscopeTeam report include?

Discover exactly what the StrengthscopeTeam report includes by checking out a sample report below.

Our team report provides valuable insight into a team including:

  • A team’s clear strengths
  • Team members’ individual Significant 7 strengths
  • Productive team habits and how to develop these
  • The team’s risk behaviours to watch out for
  • Team members’ comments.

How do I access StrengthscopeTeam?

To access the StrengthscopeTeam report you must first attend our StrengthscopeTeam Accreditation training.

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