How to get your career mojo back

  I need to get my mojo back A lot of the people I meet in my coaching work are at a particular point in their careers…a point of transition of some kind. And fairly often, I find myself working with people who have hit a point in their careers where they’ve just ‘lost their

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Squiggly career or career ladder – the choice is yours

  What’s the career ladder and how is it different from a squiggly career? We’ve all heard of the career ladder…it’s what many of us are taught is the only way to progress, particularly in our early careers. We focus on progressing from role to role in what looks like a generally ‘upward’ direction…measured by

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Busting career myths to build a strengths-based career

  Introduction – so many career myths still to debunk There’s a lot of old ways of thinking about careers still kicking about in what you might have assumed would be a more enlightened time. So this podcast is designed to help debunk some of those career myths and help you build a career that’s

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How to smash interviews the strengths way

  You’ve found the perfect role – but how to land it? Picture the moment: you’ve seen a great role with a great organisation (or even a great internal project or assignment at work), and you just know that it’s a perfect fit for you and exactly what you want to be doing next in

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Using strengths to build your business

My name’s Dr Paul Brewerton, aka the strengthsguy, Doctor of Psychology and Founder of Strengthscope. Today I’m going to be talking to Steph Tranter, friend to Strengthscope and friend to me. The reason we’re doing this, and I massively appreciate you taking the time, is because Steph knows so much about taking the strengths approach

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Four truths about strategic leadership

The shift to strategic leadership – questions questions questions In the executive coaching work I do, I spend a lot of time with senior executives en route to taking a role at the next tier up, sometimes at the very highest level in their organisation or thereabouts. And for many of the people I work

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The business case for strengths

Strengths make businesses better. And strengths make people better too. In this article, I will go through some of the most recent evidence that supports the business case for strengths in today’s organisations. Strengths-based organisations Let’s start with organisations using strengths and the benefits that they see. In a study by Rigoni and Asplund (2016),

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The future of DEI – courageous inclusion with Alison France

Introduction Hi, my name’s Dr Paul Brewerton, the strengths guy, Founder and Chair of Strengthscope, Doctor of Organisational Psychology. Today’s podversation is with Alison Pacifico-France (and I’ve been saying Alison France for so so many years but you just got married, congratulations to you both!). Alison is Founder of OD consultancy Evosis, a highly experienced

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