What is psychological safety and how can you get it? | Strengthscope

  What is psychological safety and why does it matter? Psychological safety = “a shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking”,Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School. A while back I blogged and podcast on the importance of diverse thought for leadership teams – that was at

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Strengthscope and Insights – are they happy together?

  What is Insights? An introduction The Insights Personality Profiler, like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based on the work of Carl Jung. While the MBTI talks about four pairs of preferences, Insights simplifies this still further, using a four-colour model to indicate personality preferences and associated behaviours. Insights is hugely popular in

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Goal setting for the year ahead – the strengths way

  What is goal setting and why it’s important Goal setting involves putting together an action plan that helps you chart a path towards a particular goal. It’s important because repeated research has shown that setting goals can make a difference to motivation and performance in many areas of life.  And the reason for bringing

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Beyond Hogan – the power of strengths

  What is Hogan? Why is it so popular? The Hogan suite of psychometrics is very widely used in organisations across the world. The best known tools in the Hogan portfolio are what Hogan call their ‘bright side’ profiler (Hogan Personality Indicator or HPI) and their ‘dark side’ profiler (Hogan Development Survey or HDS). What

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Strengthscope and Myers Briggs – friends or frenemies

  Myers Briggs: still riding high but why? Myers Briggs or the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI, call it what you will, but the language and concepts of Myers Briggs are still the most widely recognised across the world when it comes to psychometric profiling and people getting a toehold in understanding their personality

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Where did positive psychology go wrong?

  Positive psychology and its attraction of criticism Like all new areas of scientific research and discussion, positive psychology is not without its critics. In this blog, I’d like to take you through some of the concerns raised by those who question whether positive psychology can deliver on its original promise – to scientifically understand

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