The business case for strengths

Strengths make businesses better. And strengths make people better too. In this article, I will go through some of the most recent evidence that supports the business case for strengths in today’s organisations. Strengths-based organisations Let’s start with organisations using strengths and the benefits that they see. In a study by Rigoni and Asplund (2016),

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The future of DEI – courageous inclusion with Alison France

Introduction Hi, my name’s Dr Paul Brewerton, the strengths guy, Founder and Chair of Strengthscope, Doctor of Organisational Psychology. Today’s podversation is with Alison Pacifico-France (and I’ve been saying Alison France for so so many years but you just got married, congratulations to you both!). Alison is Founder of OD consultancy Evosis, a highly experienced

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When strengths go too far – tips to avoid the overdrive trap

Your strengths are your greatest gifts…and your greatest risk areas too – how so? So…..your strengths are your greatest gifts, the very best way you can bring value to your role and to your team, using them helps you feel at your most authentic best, right? Yeah, strengths can bring you all of that. And,

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How to find your purpose and why you don’t have to

Introduction – how to find your purpose…or maybe just contentment I’ll be honest, this idea of finding my purpose appeals to me. Maybe it’s the dreamer in me, maybe the altruist, maybe it speaks more to the spiritual side of me, or maybe it’s just my Strategic mindedness strength craving meaning and sense-making in the

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Why education needs strengths right now

It is my pleasure to welcome to the strengths guy podcast today a long time strengths advocate, Aman Zaidi. Aman is a strengths coach, leadership development and organisation development specialist. He also has one of the most curious and challenging minds I have come across and he has challenged me and many others in our thinking

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Be Superhuman

Becoming superhuman to stay ahead

The bots are taking over! If 90% of our customer service interactions are going to be handled by artificial intelligence ‘bots’ within a year or two (in some industries, we’re already at that point or thereabouts) and if computing power doubles every 2 years or so, with huge strides being made in machines’ ability to

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Rebecca Cristianson - millennial leader

Millennial leaders – the essential guide

A Podversation with Rebecca Christianson Today’s podversation is with Rebecca Christianson, someone I’ve known, worked with for a number of years when she was based in the UK and who I’ve stayed in touch with now she’s back in Australia. We will be speaking about the experience of being a Millennial senior leader and Executive

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Be more authentic featured image

Be more you in 5 steps – the strengths way

When it comes to being authentic, with skill, there are few better approaches than by using the strengths approach. So today, I would like to focus on how to be more you, the strengths way. I have 5 steps to share with you: know your values and purpose; understand what energises you; build a brand

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